The Mesmeric Chamber: Erotic hypnosis, What Is It And How Does It Relate to Power Exchange?

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Welcome to my new blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my news, opportunities and offers with you as well as my thoughts on FemDom, Erotic Hypnosis, associated issues and erotica written by and for me.

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnosis for purely sexual purposes. It’s important to say that Erotic hypnosis is foremost simply a pleasurable experience. It’s enjoyable for the subject to lay back and relax and listen to someone with a soothing voice, and for some people this simple pleasure is as far as it goes for others its much deeper and more complex. Listening to a good hypnotist is very much like when you were read stories as a child and that lovely pre sleep drowsiness crept across you and you continued to listen and to follow the story, but your body became totally relaxed until at some unspecified point you drifted into unconsciousness and sweet dreams knowing someone was still nearby and watching over you keeping you safe.

Apart from the simple pleasure of listening to a soft voice, erotic hypnosis has some very pleasant immediate outcomes such as deeply relaxing the subject, lowering their inhibitions and therefore increasing physical arousal. As the subject relaxes and their consciousness shifts it enables the hypnotist to talk to them in a different way, to reach beyond the self that the subject presents to the world everyday, to reach beyond socialized norms of behavior and to speak to a more essential self. This opening of the subject to the hypnotist as they drop into trance is a moment of trust and acceptance after which the placement of trigger words in the subject’s mind becomes possible, meaning that emotional and physical responses can be set up and then triggered by the hypnotist whist the subject is under. These responses can also be carried beyond trance as post hypnotic suggestions to produce actions and experiences on-demand.

Because of the possibilities hypnosis offers to trigger and control the subjects responses whilst in trance and also whilst apparently conscious Hypnosis is an increasingly popular aspect of Domination and Submission. The act of hypnosis itself can be erotic and relationship affirming for many power exchange couples. As the subject surrenders control and opens themselves and becomes under the influence of their top or Dominant the top also experiences a shift in consciousness and this tangible connection reaffirms their bond and acts as an invitation to the top to take even more control. Hypnosis can be used in the short term to play with a subject in a session and in the longer term to reinforce power exchange dynamics and to encourage and support behavior modification. The potentials are only as limited as the Hypnotists imagination and of course the subjects’ limits. It’s important to say that hypnosis cannot make people do things that they don’t want to do, hypnosis can merely make it easier for them to do things that they want to do, or remove barriers to acknowledging their own desires such as shame, fear and guilt.

Hypnosis is real but there is of course an overlap between the role-play involved in hypnosis and its actual induced effects. The subject wanting to give up control and to open to the hypnotist or at least wanting to try is of course essential and the pre-emptive ritual of laying down and listening, or watching the pendulum, or staring at the candle flame is part of what prepares the subject to open. However, the distinction is arguably ambiguous and where one ends and the other begins may be unclear. There is no one state of hypnosis but hypnotic influence can elicit an authentic sense of loss of control through many antecedents. There is a question of ethics to be considered here in relation to having clear consent to use the techniques that can engender this loss of control, actual or perceived. Again informed consent is essential as is good communication about the trust involved and limits on both sides of the D/S dynamic.

From a Dominants perspective it’s very gratifying to take a submissive into such an open state of submission without ever touching them, to lead them into such a blissful subspace with just your voice is a kick. To leave someone aching for you to take more control, wanting to give you more is very erotic and to shape them over time, to change them to suit your needs is a manifestation of truly Dominant kind of care, attraction and possibly love. Erotic D/S hypnosis is very much about an invitation made by the subject to take them into a very vulnerable open state and to explore the potentials of their body and mind to respond to your desire to take control, to play with them, to trigger physical and emotional responses. This is the same invitation that’s made when a submissive assumes the position, presents their naked body on a bench to be beaten, or opens their mouth to take the gag, or nuzzles their Mistresses boots in loving submission wanting to feel her hands on them. Hypnosis just allows the power exchange leading to the subspace to be psychological. The subject arrives at a state of relaxed accepting subspace without possibly having been touched and often achieves a heightened state of submissive arousal, anticipation and longing which then makes any contact that much more intense. The submissive has already given themselves in their mind and so the body is hungry to follow, as if the excess of erotic charge build up inside the subject by the affect of the Dominants words on their mind must now over flow and spill back out into the physical world. There is a strange kind of transmutation from the psychological into the physical and back again that operates within an ongoing D/S hypnotic and BDSM exchange. The dynamic creates a very intense and particular environment and a shared verbalised language of longing and desire where both parties charge and recharge words and actions and increase their erotic significance and reaffirm them through their repetition and elaborate ritualized intimacies. The interplay between words and actions, between the imaginary and the manifest allows for the conjuring of an evolving theatre of power exchange and transformation.

The Mesmeric Chamber is my response to my own desire to learn more about the diversity of approaches to erotic hypnosis through its practice and to share my enjoyment of it with others. It’s an international Erotic Hypnotic working residency curated by myself and hosted by London Dungeon Hire. The residency aims to offer international Hypno Dommes a platform, to encourage networking and co-working, and to grow interest in FemDom erotic hypnosis itself.

Invited Hypno Dommes with approaches ranging from the sensual to sadistic will potentially offer live and online single and double sessions with myself, and workshops, seminars, and munches from the dungeon and various other venues. The first guest Hypno Domme is Lady Jessica who is visiting from Canada. She will be in residence with myself 9th & 10th March. She is a warm caring Hypnotist who specialises in trancing the rational mind and takes a more creative and conversational approach rather than conventional or traditional approach to hypnosis.

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5 Responses

  1. melody

    A good piece to point people at as a primer.

    I’ve been having hypnosis sessions with a domme for over 3 years. In my case, arousal plays no part in it, though I know it’s the most efficient ‘hook’ there is for a sub. It’s still erotic hypnosis since it plays very heavily on the D/s. The levels of submission that have been created over that time are extremely deep.

    I recognise the levels you describe. Initially the enjoyment of relaxing to a soft female voice. Learning to relax and trust and then feeling the two way connection. Feeling how my vulnerabilities were exposed, played with and smoothed over such that I don’t have any vulnerabilities to her, any more.

    Two things worth noting for a sub starting out with hypnosis. The surprise of realising that they have been hypnotised. Though that’s nothing to the surprise of realising that there’s been an effect from the hypnosis.

    And as a final thing, using hypnosis in the longer term generates a very special relationship. I always put it that in a CP session a domme is an expert at reading body language, she knows when one more stroke will be too much. That kind of direct feedback is not possible in a hypnosis session. Working out what’s right, wrong or dangerous requires an incredibly open dialogue that’s almost as engaging and controlling as the actual hypnosis.

    It is a truly fabulous thing to have a domme construct such an intricate and personal web.

    • Mistress Clarissa

      Dear Melody,
      Thank you for your response and for sharing your experience of D/S hypnosis. You raise a very valid point about the unique intimacy and understanding arrived at through this process between a Domme and sub, which is necessary to negotiating hypnotic boundaries and limits, which as you say cant easily be read whilst actually hypnotising the subject. From a Dommes point of view the specific focus and relationship, the repeated affirmation of the invitation to take control and to shape the subject in specific ways, or to construct a special personal ‘web’ as you call it is wonderful. It allows both parties to enjoy, reflect, refine and anticipate a deeper and deeper connection. Its just so sexy.

  2. princessa

    The soft and alluring tones of Mistress Clarissa’s beautiful voice will envelop your senses, immersing you into Her world of forbidden desires, and leading you down an exquisitely sensual path to a place of pleasure and darkness, a place that could only be conjured by the wildest of fantasies.
    The beauty of Her crisp English accent, Her articulate and perceptive thoughts, Her dry sense of humour, and Her intense sensuality will leave you breathless with desire and begging for more, as She transports you to an alternate universe, a parallel consciousness where you will become nothing but a construct of Her perverted passions and darkest desires.
    Any space between you will diminish quickly to nothing, any physical separation becoming overwhelmed by the strength of energy flowing between you, Her words your world, Her will your desire, a mesmeric chamber in which you will be safe under Her spell, free to open up to your most intimate vulnerabilities, to reveal your innermost desires, knowing that your Mistress will be there to guide you and keep you safe in Her world of super sensuality.
    You may experience energy releasing through previously blocked pathways in the physical body, much as it might during savasana, and feel like screaming out for the slightest touch of Her breath or Her fingertips, such will be the strength of your desire.
    Mistress Clarissa’s exquisite skill and devious cunning will have you balanced on the edge, whether She chooses to use Her voice or Her touch, Her cruelty or Her denial, She will leave you spent and powerless under Her sensual and sadistic spell.

  3. Mistress Clarissa

    Dear Princessa,
    Thank you for your wonderful response. It was delightful to take you on that journey and share the some of the potentials that hypnosis holds for intense sensation and pleasure. I look forward to sharing more with you.
    Mistress Clarissa

  4. Dungeon Slave

    I am a veteran hypno slave with a life long hypnosis / entrancement fetish. I am so lucky to have met and develop a friendship with Mistress Clarissa before actually experiencing her hypnotic control. As our friendship and understanding grew it became just a natural progression to falling totally under her spell and control. I am such a lucky slave to have such a captivating experience and i am enjoying the ongoing development of our mutual understandings. There is a lot for me to learn but it is all delicious to serve and obey Her.

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