Financial Domination

Do not email me to discuss any form of financial domination or on going financial service without sending £50 first. Give your name when you send and let me know you have sent when you email me so I can verify you. I will then reply and give you further instructions.

You can send safely and securely 24 x 7 via wishtender: Click here…

Financial Domination is one of my favourite activities. 

I enjoy the power exchange of financial domination and I do have expensive and specific tastes. I enjoy being decadent and indulged. As an aesthete it’s only fit that I should be surrounded by beauty, luxury and opulence. I know you want to please me and give what I want because I’m your Goddess and you bask in my reflected glory. You want to make sacrifices and suffer for me. You want to experience the power exchange of giving your hard earned money to me, or working for me whilst I relax and enjoy myself. You want to work to keep me in a manner that befits a lady.

Money makes me happier, more powerful and more beautiful and I know you want to be part of that.

 I take great pleasure in looking around and seeing the things that slaves have paid for. They are daily reminders of my power. I like that I click my fingers and you cover my expenses simply because you’re weak for me or you appreciate and adore me. I like knowing that you have worked hard and probably sacrificed in order to please me. We both know it turns real piggies on to experience money based power exchange, so its time to put your money where your mouth is.

I was made to be worshipped and served and it’s your greatest pleasure as my money slave to work and sacrifice to  please me. Always remember it’s a privilege for you to be able to lay your money at my altar. 

Whether you are a piggy and humiliation whore who wants to be degraded and rinsed, or a submissive money slave who simply wants to serve and spoil me  I will enjoy you.

You can serve online or in real time, you can take me shopping, you can pay bills, or enter into a debt contract with me. I can play games, rolling dice, or tweeting to decide how much you should pay. I can rinse you and laugh at you with my Mistress friends. I can humiliate you lock you in chastity and make you pay to release. You can meet me an ATM count the money out for me and and kiss my boots to thank me. You can follow me on twitter and Ill tag you and tell you to cover my dinner and drinks, or my shopping trip that day. I can always find new creative ways to give you opportunities to serve or just simply take your money.