Rates including tribute and space hire fees

In person BDSM and fetish sessions.

BDSM and fetish sessions are £250ph, I rarely accept bookings under two hours,  unless  i am busy and  can only offer you a shorter session that day.

Overnight sessions with a mixture of play, social time, and overnight restraint and/or caging from £1500
(email to discuss).

Two hour session and dinner from £700, needless to say you will be covering the dinner and drinks in a nearby restaurant of my choice.

Special offers

Boot worship, stocking or foot worship only sessions 1hr, £200.
Novice introductory BDSM session, 1hr, £200.

In person trance session rates

In person trance and BDSM session. 2hrs or longer. £250ph.
In person trance only session, 1 hr £250.
Introduction to trance session. in person, 30 mins £125.

Double Domme or multi mistress sessions

Tributes will vary depending on numbers of participants and length of session.  to give you some idea i would suggest  £150 plus per lady per hour over a couple of hours plus any applicable hire fee.

ATM cash meet at a cash point of my choosing. hand me the cash and go away. £50 deposit paid in advance, minimum £150 cash withdrawal.

ATM cash meet at a cash point of my choosing with  some public  humiliation, hand me the cash, thank me, and kiss my boots. £50 deposit paid in advance, minimum £200 cash withdrawal.

Double Domme cash meet. hand me the cash and go away. £100 deposit, minimum withdrawal £300.

Double Domme cash point meet with public humiliation, count the cash out, hand it to me, thank us and kiss our boots. £100 deposit, minimum £350 cash withdrawal.

Online Rates

All online sessions are 15 mins or longer and are booked in GMT. if you miss your allotted appointment due to time zone confusion or another issue such as not having installed skype your prepaid fee is not transferable or refundable. I will send an invitation via email before the allotted time.

I recommend an introductory conversation to all novices or nervous people. this is just a chat to break the ice and to get an idea of whether we are compatible. either of us may choose not to session following this conversation with no hard feelings.

introductory conversation, 15mins £30, 30mins £60, or 1hr £120.

Introductory trance session, 30mins £125.

Trance only online session. This session will focus on trance, either because it’s your fetish or we have something specific to address. 1hr £200ph.

Trance and fetish or BDSM online session. 2hrs or longer, £200ph. I will take you in and out of trance, perhaps multiple times, I will play with your mind and body, i will use your toys,  and make you my adoring mesmerised toy.

BDSM or fetish online session. 1hr, £200ph.

Financial Domination online session, £200ph plus minimum £150 spend on gifts or sends during the session.

Novice introductory online BDSM session, 1hr, £180.

Bespoke ongoing financial service packages. The financial domination  can be a mixture of online and in person. email to enquire and outline your experience, your preferences for online or in person, and your monthly budget. you can adopt a bill, cover my expenses, do regular cash meets, take me shopping. I will expect an introductory £100 send via Wishtender on top of my standard £30 admin fee. please remember to leave a message and give me your name so I can verify you.


A gift is not mandatory when you come and see me but they are always appreciated. I like lush, Weleda and Neals Yard cosmetics. I like Star Child incense, oils and candles. i love houseplants that do well in lower light levels, bulbs i can plant in pots, cacti and roses and Tiger Lilies. I collect crystals, votives and goddess artefacts. I like to read about yoga, art and philosophy. I use a lot of white sage Smudge Sticks and Tea Lights and I always appreciate them. you can look at my wish lists for further inspiration.