As an internationally recognized and prolifically productive online and in person HypnoDomme I have developed my skills and refined my approach over many years. Unlike many online HypnoDommes I am genuinely Dominant, and power exchange is not abstract to me. I have years of experience of lifestyle and professional BDSM. I am very proficient in translating words into actions, and I’m very good at communicating my pleasure in mesmerising and making my toys complicit in their enslavement and in their process of modification to my requirements. This potential for real power exchange is what distinguishes my work from others. My experience as a Dominatrix gives me a greater insight into submissive psychology and how hypnosis can compliment and deepen physical power exchange both within a session and as part of an ongoing D/S dynamic.

My genuine enjoyment of psychological and physical power exchange, and controlling and shaping subs to my desires over time is tangible to those who serve me.

Hypnosis alongside BDSM offers the submissive who wishes to engage in real power exchange and long-term behaviour modification so much more than standard BDSM.

As a skilled erotic hypnotist I can play with your mind and body in so many ways. I can intensify your submissive pleasure. I can trigger your instant arousal with my voice, a phrase, a sensation, an action, or an object, such as my boot or crop.

I can lead your attention and focus it where I please. I can focus on emotions and feelings that bring you pleasure, such as submission and the desire to please. I can implant triggers and then further embed them. I can use your heightened pleasure to balance any pain, I can also lessen pain. I can calm you. I can deepen your desire to please and obey me, and open the path for your longer term reprogramming. I can lessen inhibitions and make it easier to express your desires. I can mesmerise you to see and experience things I describe. Anything that can be imagined or described can be experienced in trance.

Hypnotic subjects can experience other selves, and realities, as they transform into a dog, or a rubber doll, or become less intelligent. Hypnosis can be deployed in an endless variety of ways and contexts, but I have found that many sessions feature the following… Forced feminisation, slut training, slave training, hands free orgasm, mental chastity, impotence, addiction to Mistress, forced bi, deepening fetishes, mental bondage, brainwashing, implanting triggers, removing barriers, enabling pain tolerance, humiliation, deepening submission.

I offer three types of hypnosis session Trance introductory session

I offer short hypnosis sessions for those who are curious: These sessions focus only on the experience of hypnosis and trance in itself with no added power exchange aspects. They are relaxing and restful. They are 30 minutes long.

BDSM And Trance session: Hypnosis will normally take place at the beginning of the session, or at various points, and is used for pre-agreed purposes to deepen pleasure, control, continue training, and/or introduce new triggers. These sessions are two hours or longer.

Pure Trance session: This kind of session is for those who wish to focus on the experience of trance, either because it’s their specific fetish, or they want to address a specific issue such as a fear or a barrier to their submission, or to achieve deeper trance. These sessions are an hour.

What to expect in a trance session

You will lay on the bed. Ill make sure the room is warm and dimly lit. I will be close by so you can hear my soft voice, but not too close. I will ask you to focus on my soft voice, sometimes I use a pendulum, but mostly just my voice. I will ask you to make yourself comfy, and to just listen, to focus on my voice, and I will then talk to you in a way designed to induce a mild trance state. I will then count you down into a deeper trance and from there I may continue to deepen the trance and to give you pre –agreed suggestions, and trigger words. I will use what I know about you and your psychology to make it a pleasurable and erotic experience. Before I wake you you will be very receptive and I will reinforce the key messages or feelings I focused on in the trance.

Everyone experiences trance differently, some naturally go deeper than others. If you have already listened to my files many times, and achieve deep trance at home, it’s likely you will achieve a deep trance. For those new to hypnosis you may have to experience trance a few times before sinking deeper into it. You will however feel more relaxed and more open to me. I have never had anyone follow my instructions not achieve a trance state.

You will not become unconscious, or fall asleep. You can’t be made to do things that are against your values or beliefs or your wishes. You will remember the trance and what I say to you. I will watch over you and keep you safe throughout. I will not touch you whilst you are in deeper trance unless for your safety. I enjoy watching the obvious relaxation and deep erotic pleasure that my subjects experience, and the look in their eyes when I wake them and they come back to themselves, as is from another dimension.

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