I am one of the only professional Dominatrixes and erotic HypnoDommes worldwide to offer live hypnosis in sessions, either by itself or in combination with more traditional forms of BDSM play.

I also record audio files that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home. These files cover; feminisation, sissyfication, slut training, impotence, chastity, slave/obedience training, forced-bi, orgasm control, masturbation instruction, and various erotic Femdom BDSM scenarios. These hypnotic files are available via my accounts on Niteflirt, & Warp My Mind.

It’s also possible to commission your very own custom Femdom hypno file. All you have to do is email me to express your interest and get a quote.

I love hypnosis because of the ability it gives me over time to influence you, to seduce you into surrender and to shape you to my will, to my desires, and to make you my toy, my painslut, or my feminized sissy for instance. I love that I can take so much control over you with the subtlest of tools, with my voice and the power of my presence. Just the sound of my voice, a whispered trigger phrase, or a simple action, like playing with my earrings can drop you into deeper submission and arousal. And of course knowing that I’m mind fucking you as I trigger you will intensify your experience of submission and your understanding of just how much control I have over you. I find this deeper level of psychological play and power exchange most gratifying. I also love the way that hypnosis heightens sensitivity, meaning that even the gentlest caress can be intensely erotic. I love watching my hypno slaves twitch and shudder and moan in pleasure in response to my voice, and in the long term I love knowing that I’ve changed them, shaped them to please myself.

Imagine laying on a comfortable bed in a warm dimly lit room, its quiet, the atmosphere is calm. I’m sitting nearby so that I can speak to you in gentle soothing way, so that I can watch over you as I lull you into relaxation before taking you down deeper into trance. I’ll make it so easy for you to relax and to begin to drift as you listen to my soft melodic sensual voice and to become lost in my words, in my voice and in my strong feminine sensual energy. It will feel so good to know that you’re safe and to feel so calm, so still and so open to my will. It will feel even better to drop even deeper for me and to surrender your mind and body to my control. As you open to me I will guide you into unique erotic femdom experiences. Once I have you in trance perhaps I’ll just deepen your feelings of submission, implant the desire to serve me better, or perhaps I’ll place a specific trigger like the phrase ‘good boy’ so that every time I say it even outside of trance you experience waves of submissive pleasure and arousal. Perhaps I’ll make you love to worship my feet, or shape you into a pain slut, or make you impotent over time. And of course the more times you listen to my files, or session with me, the more times I whisper a trigger word in your ear, or repeat a trigger action, the easier it will become for you to drop into trance for me. Just my presence, my smell, my perfume will become a trigger, as you anticipate the lovely soft submissive passive trance that awaits you. Apart from taking control of my own submissives I can also offer other dominants, wives and girlfriends hypnosis sessions that implant triggers they themselves can use with their partners and slaves.

I am always interested in expanding my stable of hypno slaves and I am very pleased you are here reading about hypnosis. It’s important to say that hypnosis is not magic, it cannot make you do things that you do not want to do. It’s also important to say that I am an ethical erotic hypnotist and I never use hypnosis without full consent. I never use hypnosis to extort money. I never use hypnosis to make you unaware of your pain levels or discomfort and will only enter into BDSM activities with you whilst you are fully conscious and able to consent. As with every other BDSM activity agreed boundaries and informed consent are essential.

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