All sensible submissives know that
one of the best ways to make your
Mistress smile is to buy her presents

In order to avoid mistakes and unwanted presents I have selected an array of gifts. Some of them are expensive some of them are more modestly priced.

On it you will find selected shoes, boots, bags, leather, latex, fur, flowers, books, cosmetics, perfume, jewellery, kinky toys, household items and specific equipment.

If you would like to give me a more personal gift please read below for information about my tastes, pleasures and measurements
Email me via my Contact page to make arrangements

I enjoy trips to the theatre, opera, ballet and to Art exhibitions. Contact me directly and ask what I’d like to go and see with a friend.

I love to go to the British seaside to recharge, contact me directly to gift me a weekend break.

I also love European city breaks, contact me directly to gift me a weekend in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, or elsewhere.

Measurements: Bra: 34F Stockings and tights: size 3 / medium, Shoes size: 39EU 6UK, I am different sizes in different labels email to be directed. Flowers: My favourite flowers are lilies and tea roses. Cosmetics: I love Lush Cosmetics.

Spa days: Every now and then Mistress requires some pampering. Get me tickets for two so that I can enjoy myself with a friend. Shopping trips: I expect to be tributed for my time even whilst being spoiled. Email me to discuss budget etc.

Adopt one of My bills: Serve me in a very real ongoing way. Adopt my phone bill, pay for utilities, pay for insurance, pay for my nails to be done. You get the idea.

Custom leather and latex:
Contact me directly to gift me with some special fetish attire. I will expect a deposit to be paid to my designer of choice before entering into conversation.