Real Time Services


BDSM and/or hypnosis session and dungeon hire: £220/hour. I will require the dungeon fee plus half the tribute as a deposit. The balance on the tribute is due on the day.

All hypnosis and BDSM sessions are two hours or longer. Longer sessions and overnights are possible. Email for details.

Multi Mistress sessions and sessions with an escort/cuckold/forced bi sessions are a possible with notice. Tributes will vary. Email to enquire.

I only offer outcalls to people who I have had previous contact with and 48 hours or more notice is required. Outcalls to within 2 hours travelling distance:  £100 surcharge + £50 per hour of travel to the destination plus the cost of the dungeon hire, all to be paid upon booking. Booking to be 2 hours minimum. More than 2 hours travelling distance requires overnight accommodation of my choice to be paid for, upon booking, on top of meals.

Dinner Domination

My choice of restaurant, dinner and drinks and a tribute of £120/hour. I will require half the tribute as a deposit. 48 hours or more notice required.

Distance Services

Skype Sessions

BDSM and hypnosis sessions: £170/hour. Sessions are 15 mins or longer. Sessions are pre-booked by email and prepaid.

Skype Introduction

30 mins. £60, pre-booked by email in GMT and prepaid.

Skype Text Session

£2/minute. Text sessions are arranged by email in GMT and prepaid.

Chastity Key Holding

£60/week. Key holding is arranged by email and prepaid.

Custom Hypnotic Audio Files

Files take you in and out of trance and are used to introduce and establish training. Loops can be listened to as you sleep or go about your day and deepen the impact of a file.

12-15 min hypnotic loop, £350

45 minute plus hypnotic file, £700

Custom Humiliation / BDSM Audio Files

£10 per minute, minimum 5 minutes.

Custom Hypnotic Videos

12-15 minute loop, £450

45+ minute hypnotic file, £700

Custom BDSM Videos

From £10 per minute, minimum 5 minutes.

Email Training

£100 per week for individualised instructions and responses to your tasks.

Booking a Real Time Session

I require the full dungeon hire fee and a 50% deposit on my tribute to book your session.

I require at least 48 hours notice, the more notice you give me the better. I plan every session specifically for that individual.

The space hire fee and deposit are non refundable.

Please put the outstanding amount for your tribute in a white envelope and present it to me upon arrival. It’s always nice when there is a card or note to accompany the tribute.

In order to plan your session I will require you to outline your preferred pronouns, interests, limits, experience and any health issues, allergies or phobias after booking which I will use to plan and deliver a bespoke enjoyable session.

Booking a Skype Session

Email to book your session. Outline your interests, experience, limits, and any health issues, or phobias and your availability or chosen date.

I only offer hypnotic Skype sessions to those who listen to my files. This is because they are energy intensive, and therefore by necessity I limit how many I do, and only those who truly appreciate them deserve them. You will be much more responsive and enjoy the session more for preparing by listening.

I require the full tribute to be paid in advance to book your session.

I require at least 48 hours notice. I limit the number of hypnotic sessions I do; the more notice you give me the better. I plan every session specifically for the individual.

All sessions are booked in GMT.

The tribute is non refundable. If you miss your session due to time zone confusion it is not my responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your real time or skype session less than 48 hours in advance you will lose your deposit or full tribute.

If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance you may not transfer your real time space hire fees, but at my discretion you may transfer your deposit to be used for rescheduling your appointment. Space hire fees will need to paid again. The rescheduled booking will need to be arranged within a week of cancelling for within three months of the original date.

Tributes for skype sessions are paid in full in advance and can only be transferred to another at my discretion, and must be rescheduled for within three months of the original booking.

The option to reschedule real time or Skype sessions is not available to known time wasters, or for repeat cancellations.

Your Conduct

Trying to top from the bottom in real time, or in a Skype session will not be welcomed or tolerated. Once the session begins I am in control. I reserve the right to terminate our session if you behave inappropriately by failing to respect the necessary D/S dynamic. I can distinguish nervousness and lack of experience from attempts to assert control or challenge my authority. It is important to acknowledge that power exchange is not roleplay for me. I am a Dominant, not a service top. Your submission is required and necessary for you to have an enjoyable session with me. If you are not submissive but a fetishist, I can session with you if you communicate well and respect my preferences. It’s possible you do not have the experience to know what you are, and that’s fine, just be polite and respectful and follow instructions and I can help you find out. I will always respect your limits.

I expect all my appointments to start on time. If you are late for your appointment, I will dock that time from your session or fine you. I do this to avoid any clashes with other appointments. If you arrive early please do not loiter outside the door, I expect you to use your discretion and common sense.

I will not tolerate drunkenness or intoxication. If you appear to be drunk or high I will cancel the session.

No refunds will be given if I feel obliged to terminate our session due to your poor behaviour or intoxication.

Do not embarrass yourself and betray your ignorance by asking for nudity, intimate worship, blowjobs or sex. There are plenty of lovely ladies who offer those services. I’m not one of them.

I expect you to attend sessions clean and sweet smelling and to have douched if anal play is an interest of yours.

What to Expect

I have a calm, ordered approach to my work and a professional manner. I do not need to speak loudly or act the part to make my meaning clear and to assert myself.

I will welcome you to the dungeon. I will invite you to sit down for a chat before we play, to establish communication, and to see that you are fit to play that day. I will offer you a glass of water and I will check if there are any new health issues or limitations I should be aware of, answer any questions you may have, and give you a tour if you are new.

First sessions are about meeting, establishing a connection and enjoying ourselves, I do not engage in higher risk play in early sessions, communication and trust must be established.

I only session in clean well maintained spaces. I use medical grade cleaning materials, and of course I use condoms and gloves. A hot shower, toiletries and a fresh towel are always available after we play.

If we partake in a session of a more extreme nature–and I deem it necessary–you will be given a safe word or signal. This is very rarely necessary as I am excellent at reading people, and will know you’re struggling long before you would need to use it. We will communicate throughout your session.

All activities are safe sane and consensual.

I welcome LGBTQI and BAME people to serve me.