Real time & Skype Bookings 

All in person and online sessions are paid for in advance

 All in person and online sessions are paid for in advance
  I session in a private domestic play space or a commercial dungeon in N1.
• I do not offer same day bookings
• I am available to session in person and online in afternoons/evenings 13:00 – 22:00 GMT
 I am fairly flexible with my appointments, however I offer limited appointments and I prioritise those who serve me in an ongoing way over others, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

 To apply to session I will require a £30 administration fee to be paid via wishtender. Please give your name when you pay so I can verify you. This will then be deducted from the overall cost of the session if your application to session with me is successful. If your application is not successful the fee is not refundable. I do not tolerate time wasters or do unpaid work. 

Once this is paid email me at  address me by my title, write in a polite and formal tone. and include the following information:

• What is your name? (first name will do)
 What type of session do you want? (live or online)
 Please propose a date/time in GMT.
(Please check this if you are in a different time zone and wanting to session online!)
 What are your BDSM fetish and/or trance interests?
 What is your experience of trance, fetish and/or bdsm to date?
 Do you listen to my hypnotic and / or humiliation files?
  What length of session do you want?
 What are your limits?
 Do you have any health issues, injuries, allergies or phobias?
 Are you a submissive, a masochist, or a fetishist?
 What would you like to focus on in this session?
 If you do not comply with these instructions your application to session will not be successful.

It is very rare for health issues or injuries to be a barrier, but it does help me to know in advance so that I can plan accordingly. I will always try where possible to make adaptations for disabled people, but what I can offer is limited.

My aim over time is to establish a mutually pleasurable D/S dynamic and to take you deeper into submission and service to me, and to shape you to my desires, but first we have to establish communication and trust. I need to know about your experience, your limits, and your psychology and you need to learn how to please me. My sessions are planned to reflect your specific interests and focus. No two people, and no two sessions are ever the same.