Please see a small array of testimonials from people with different interests and levels of experience who have served me in person, and online. Receiving great feedback is one of the most satisfying aspects of this role.

Mistress Clarissa has been the most authentic dominant woman who I’ve come to meet and now serve. Having entered the femdom scene a year ago and having various kink experiences , I can safely say Mistress Clarissa (MC) is one of a kind and a woman who truly deserves my submission and someone who extols the virtues of what femdom is all about.

 I have been blown away with the charisma, elegance and psychological connection that Mistress Clarissa offers through her hypnosis files and through real time interactions, a unique blend of offerings. Having listened to her hypnosis files and interacted online, our first meeting was one to savour. MC had a calm measured approach to our play, planning a mind-blowing session not only covering a wide range of kinks but showing me the joys to be had of submitting to her and making me feel very safe in her presence. This has since led onto much more!

Over the last 6 months, as our rapport has grown, the intensity of feeling and submission has grown still, through RT sessions, calls, listening to audio files and even a dinner or two! My horizons have been broadened, and I’ve tried new things and met people I had never thought possible. Mistress Clarissa has been a patient and kind Mistress always gently guiding and introducing me to new activities or teachings. MC has invested in me, and I’ve not only grown as a submissive in my service but as a person as well. 

Mistress Clarissa does not suffer fools gladly, and I can say a first impression is important in any approach, respect and following protocols is a must! MC takes great delight in femdom and there is so much pleasure, enjoyment and even laughter that is to be had in building a d/s dynamic. Safe to say, I would recommend MC to anyone seeking a Mistress to serve.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months has to offer in my service to Mistress Clarissa! Thank you for everything Mistress! George.

“Mistress Clarissa is a true dominant and sadist who relishes your pain and humiliation. Enchantingly, beautiful, endlessly inventive with a beautiful sultry voice and wickedly inventive mind, you will crave to suffer for her and surrender ever more of yourself to her control” Glen.

“Discovering Goddess Clarissa has been one of the most significant events in my life. She has so many unique qualities, She is: Profound, Deeply spiritual, Powerfully dominant, Sexy and erotic, Beautiful, Caring, An incredible hypnotist, Deeply addictive, Above all a remarkable human being.

Initially I started to try out Her trance files and soon discovered that I just could not get enough of Her soft voice taking over my mind. I progressed to needing to session with Her on Skype and in person.

I soon found that something more profound was coming through to me from Her. I felt a primaeval connection with what I can only describe as the Divine Feminine flowing through Her to me. This Divine Femininity oozes through Her dominance and through Her presence. Her need for intense dominant power exchange calls so strongly to my submissiveness and is so genuine, it is irresistible.

She has profoundly changed the way I think of myself.  She taught me that in order to truly submit, I had to let Her strip me of my masculine ego.  She taught me that allowing Her to humiliate me was a key step in this process (I had never dreamt of enjoying humiliation before!). I now find myself addicted to Her humiliation and degradation and see myself for the first time as Her ‘loser’. 

Sure enough, this change has made it easier to let go and be led by Her to cross those lines I had previously set up about what kinky things I was prepared to do.  I feel I am being moulded more and more to Her Dominant will and I am happy to follow! It is my privilege to be allowed to follow!” Endymion.

“If you want a session that ticks all the boxes I highly recommend Mistress Clarissa. Under trance everything you dream about becomes reality. Under trance Clarissa’s soft vocal suggestions reach places other sessions don’t accommodate. Fantasy and reality join as one! You need to experience it to understand it” Steve.

“Mistress Clarissa is a mind fuck like no other. If you are curious what powers a hypnodomme can wield then I cannot recommend Mistress enough. Her friendly demeanour and down to earth character mask a supremely skilled hypnotist. She is an excellent reader of minds.

After listening to several recordings that I consume religiously, she has trained me into becoming her loyal pet. I overcame my shyness and went for personal sessions which has been a transcendent experience; it is even more delicious to be her toy in the flesh. Her intimate presence and soft moan of satisfaction when giving me stripes sends me into paroxysms of bliss. Her restrained sadism is insanely erotic. Mistress has also provided me with customised audio and video files which has strengthened my submission and chastity, implanted a HFO trigger and strengthened my FLR.

She is a beautiful addition. Serving her is pure joy. Never has the maxim:  “Be careful what you wish for” been more appropriate!” Comfortably Numb