I am internationally known for my humiliation audio files.

I know how to use my soft clear voice to get under your defences and deep into your mind. I use my insight into power exchange, psychology and my hypnotic ability to find ways to deepen your pleasure and need for my humiliation. Whether you play online or in person I’m excellent at bridging the gap between your fantasy and my reality. I don’t do generic humiliation, I do deeper, darker personalised transformative humiliation. I enjoy your shame and degradation. I particularly enjoy seducing and persuading you to go further for me. I have been told it is very addictive to be changed by me and to come to crave deeper humiliation from me. Listen to my files and become addicted. Be my mind-fucked degraded mess. Loose control, become weaker for me. I will love using you as my impotent cock sucking adoring ashtray and toilet. I want you to pay for my time, for shopping, my hotel, dinner and drinks and listen on the phone whilst I have sex and you obediently lick up your pre-cum for me. I can always find ways to make it worse, and so much better at the same time.

You will adore me for my cruelty and love being my loser.