About Mistress Clarissa

I am an experienced British lifestyle and professional Dominatrix and erotic Hypnotist based in central London. I am one of the very few Mistresses worldwide who is experienced in offering live hypnosis alongside or integrated into physical BDSM play and slave training. I am internationally known for my powerful hypnotic and humiliation audio files.

I have professionally dominated people since 2014. During that time I have gained experience, insights, and acquired skills that have sharpened my natural dominance into a finely focused and controlled force. Amongst these attributes and skills hypnosis is the jewel in my crown.

I enjoy hypnosis for the deep psychological power exchange, the ongoing control, and the satisfaction gained from shaping my subjects thoughts, attitudes and behaviours over time. Those who are devoted to me are irrevocably changed as their kinky pleasures are deepened, and their submissive horizon is widened. They may find that things that they had not previously imagined are suddenly very appealing. Wherever they go I am with them inside their mind, such intimacy. I become a part of their daily routine, I am the first thing on their mind when they wake and the last thing on their mind as they drift into dreams. They like to be led, to be seduced and persuaded, and to fall deeper down the spiral, they are my adoring complicit toys.

My voice, my presence and my control is mesmeric, powerful and I am told highly addictive. Sex magic, yoga, mindfulness, appreciation of Goddess archetypes and ritual inform my work. I use ritual to focus our intent. I use mindfulness to slow your racing mind, to make you present, to allow you to feel a greater level of pleasure and arousal. I use hypnosis to take you into your subconscious so that you can leave your ego, your constructed everyday self behind, and allow me to speak directly to your inner submissive self. I understand and relish your profound submissive need to submit. I can take you there without touching you, and when I do touch you your mind and body will anticipate and open to me.

As a measured sensual sadist my sexuality is intense, intoxicating and immersive. One could say hypnotic. Seeing a submissive suffering for me, or humiliated excites me. I want you to want to do it because you know that it will give me pleasure. I want you to want to arouse me through your submission and worship, through giving yourself to me as a willing sacrifice. I will feast upon you. I enjoy sessions, but long-term training and service is so much more rewarding for Mistress and Sub. I prioritise those who know themselves and know they want to serve me. I prefer to see less people and to dominate them more thoroughly. That being said I do welcome novices with the right attitude and a willingness to learn. I am a quietly and calmly strict Mistress but I’m also a safe and compassionate guide for those beginning their kink journey.

All sessions require preparation, fore thought, focus and energy but especially real time and skype trance and BDSM sessions. I limit the number of sessions I offer. If you do not have experience of trance, I will require you to book an introductory session, or listen to my files and become accustomed to my voice and style and experience trance before I offer you a live trance, or trance and BDSM session. Your experience will be much better for it.

My approach is considered and grounded in order to foster safety, build trust, and to enable communication and therefore deeper power exchange over time. I welcome subs who mirror these qualities back to me. I greatly appreciate politeness, clarity, sincerity, commitment and good old fashioned manners. I like people who take responsibility, who take time to think about what they are requesting from me, and what they are offering. I like people who value my commitment and desire to share magical experiences. Be mindful of this, read this website and approach me correctly. I expect you to contact me allowing enough time to book in and plan your session, this is ideally at least a week in advance. I do not do same day bookings. I expect a polite formal tone and observation of my requirements as a minimum. I do not tolerate fools gladly. I do not offer second chances. Consider your application to session like an interview. You should want to make a good impression. It should be a pleasure for you to obey my instructions and offer yourself to me with grace.

I am a firm believer in SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL practices. I safeguard my submissive’s physical and psychological well being. I will nurture as well as torture you and value your submission, service and loyalty to me. I use a fully equipped clean and discrete private play space or professional dungeon in central London.

I am LGBTQI+ BAME and disabled people friendly.

I offer experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced, and of course most importantly I respect all limits.