About Mistress Clarissa

I am an experienced British lifestyle and professional Dominatrix and erotic Hypnotist based in central London. I offer live sessions in a fully equipped central London dungeons and play spaces. I also offer skype sessions, Niteflirt calls and I produce female domination clips and Hypnotic sound files. I am one of the very few Mistresses worldwide to offer live hypnosis alongside BDSM. My approach is grounded in common sense but allows for the transformative potential of BDSM as ritual.

I have been described as having an hour glass figure and a striking face, as being feminine, poised, powerful, seductive, empathic, intelligent, educated, well – spoken and of course as possessing a mesmeric voice, but we all know that what actually makes a lady a Dominatrix is hard to quantify. You will only see glimpses of that something that is a little dangerous in my smile, in my gaze and hear it in my laugh, if you draw closer, and if you make an invitation. I’m softly spoken but I don’t need to raise my voice to make my meaning apparent. I require your submission. Domination is not role play for me, it’s necessary for me to anchor you and guide you on your journey and of course to get my kicks, and I know you want me to enjoy myself.

I have professionally dominated people since 2014. During that time I have gained experience, insights and acquired skills that have sharpened my natural dominance into a finely focused and controlled force. Amongst these attributes and skills hypnosis is the jewel in my crown. I have established myself as one of the few Mistresses worldwide to offer live erotic hypnosis in sessions alongside a full range of more conventional BDSM and ritualistic activities. I enjoy hypnosis both for the psychological power exchange, the ongoing control that it affords me and the satisfaction gained from shaping my subjects thoughts, attitudes and behaviours over time with just my words, and my so melodic voice as extensions of my will. I will effortlessly weave my magic and mesmerise and enthral you opening up a world of sensations and experiences beyond your wildest dreams.

Sex magic, appreciation of Goddess archetypes and ritual inform my approach. I use ritual to focus our intent. I use mindfulness to slow your racing mind, to make you present, to make you aware of your own body, to allow you to feel a greater level of pleasure and arousal. I use hypnosis to take you into your subconscious so that you can leave your constructed everyday self behind and allow me to speak directly to your inner submissive self. I understand your profound need to submit and to be overwhelmed by a powerful feminine energy. I can take you there without even touching you and when i do touch you it will blow your mind.

I love physical and psychological power exchange. My control, your willing submission, your anticipation and your fear arouses me. As I take control over you it brings me totally into presence and into power. As a measured seductive sensual sadist my sexuality is intense, persuasive and immersive. One could say hypnotic. Seeing a submissive suffering for me, or humiliated excites me and then draws me close. I want to see you go further for me than you thought you could go. I want you to want to do it because you know that it will give me pleasure. I want you to want to arouse me through your submission and worship, through giving yourself to me as willing sacrifice. I am also passionate, playful and inventive and my passion is infective.

I enjoy sessions but long term training is so much more rewarding for Mistress and submissive. I enjoy making long-term changes to my hypnotic subjects. I specialise in Sissy hypnosis covering feminisation, sissyfication, impotence, slut training and humiliation.

I regard your submission as a beautiful gift to be treasured. The intimacy of the bond and the trust between a Mistress and her submissive is intense. I will challenge you, I will nurture you, and I may well transform you, and if you give yourself to me you will be rewarded.

I enjoy a wide range of BDSM activities, some of these are sensual and meditative some are at the more intense end of the spectrum. But it’s not about our interests, because over time I can shape you anyway. It’s about the key erotic charge of power exchange. You want to be overwhelmed and I will make it easy for you to loose yourself in me.

I greatly appreciate politeness, clarity, sincerity and good old fashioned manners. Good communication is the building block of any relationship. I don’t suffer fools gladly. I like people who take responsibility, who take time to think about what they are requesting from me and what they are offering.

I am a firm believer in SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL practices and I safeguard my submissive’s physical and psychological well being. As a grounded Mistress I will nurture as well as torture you and value your submission, service and loyalty to me.

I use several fully equipped, clean and discrete professional dungeons and domestic play spaces in different locations.

I welcome polite gentlemen, ladies and couples of all descriptions. I am LGBTQI friendly and offer experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced, and of course most importantly I respect all limits.