It would be so erotic to see your key dangling on a silver chain catching the light hanging there in my bosom wouldn’t it? It would make you feel deliciously controlled.

Chastity is a fundamental building block to slave training, it’s the foundation upon which deeper submission and service is built. As long as you aren’t in chastity to me you aren’t serious about submission or serving me. I need to control your arousal in order to use it to shape you. If you want to serve me you need to learn over time to be disciplined, focused, and to put my pleasure and needs first. And it gives me a lot of pleasure to know that you are aching, longing and increasingly desperate and needy. I like you like that, perfect to be teased and toyed with. It makes you much more focused and responsive to my desires. It makes you much more submissive and easy to train. Your deepening arousal makes you like putty in my hands, and that’s what we want, deeper power exchange.

I offer bespoke key-holding arrangements for those who serve online and in person.