Boot Worship

Boot worship is one of my favourite activities. 

Whether you like to kiss shiny pvc boots, or lick filthy leather boots clean we both know that we’re both so much happier when you’re down there on your knees, naked apart from your collar. with a suitably submissive way to express your devotion to me.

Boot worship is so sensual, relaxing and at the same time charged with intense pleasure and erotic power exchange. Its so intimate whilst preserving a delicious distance.

I love the feeling of your warm soft submissive mouth against the surface of my boots as the sensation slowly builds and the pleasure intensifies. An attentive boot licker knows where his Mistress can feel the caress of his tongue, where she can feel the heat of his mouth through her boot, and he can feel her pleasure. Not that I make it at all hard to know that I am enjoying myself.

I also like to have my boots cleaned and polished. I also like to receive leather boots as a gifts which I will then only use with that particular boot licker.

It’s every true submissive’s dream to really turn their Mistress on.